Musée Picasso à Antibes

21 February 2014 by pylone No Comment

Based on the ancient acropolis of the Greek city of Antipolis, Roman castrum, the residence of bishops in the Middle Ages (from 442 to 1385), the Grimaldi castle was inhabited in 1385 by the Monegasque family that gave it its name. Became governor’s mansion of the King, and from 1792, City Hall, the building is transformed into barracks in 1820, marking the taking possession of the premises by the Military Engineering until 1924. Picasso enthusiast, works at the castle and created numerous works, drawings and paintings. Following his stay in 1946, Pablo Picasso left on deposit at the Antibes 23 paintings and 44 drawings. Among the most famous paintings: La Joie de vivre, Satyr, Centaur and wildlife trident, The Slimer sea urchins, sea urchins Woman, Still life with owl and three urchins, Goat …


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